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Musical Works
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GRAVE (1999)
For chamber orchestra (18 players) 14 Minutes
Finding the Voice (1998/9)
For large mixed choir and 6 percussionists. 18 Minutes
The Onset of Turbulance (1998)
For solo electric guitar and sampling unit (one or two performers). 8 minutes.
The Book of Density (1997)
For bass clarinet, bassoon and piano. 8 Minutes
The Persistence of Melody (1996)
For piano solo. 2 minutes.
The Resistance of Water (1996)
For cor anglais solo. 7 minutes.
A Catalogue of Targets (1995)
For bass-flute (+picc.), oboe, Eb clarinet, violin, viola, cello, double bass, piano and percussion.
17 minutes.
A Book of Maps (1994)
For piano and percussion. 12 minutes.
Schön... (1993)
For electric guitar, two violins, viola, cello and double bass. 13 minutes.
The Book of Shadows (1993)
For early instruments. 21 minutes.
Modulor (1992)
For trombone, piano and live electronics. 12 minutes.
Schrenslompen (1990/92)
For mezzo soprano and two percussion players. 15 minutes.
Snare (1991)
For harp and bass-flute. 10 minutes.
Persistence (1991)
For alto-flute solo. 6 minutes.
Cruelties - a catalogue of grotesque events with real-life examples (1991)
For mezzo-soprano, oboe, clarinet, viola, percussion and 2 channel tape.
17 minutes.
The Book of Attacks (1990)
For steel-pan orchestra (13 players). 10 minutes.
Start! (1989)
For viola solo. 6 minutes.
Eye, Survey the World! (1989)
For 6 body-percussion performers. 8 minutes.
I Memory (1989)
For alto-flute, viola and guitar. 6 minutes.
Face (1989)
For narrator and 2 channel UPIC tape. 5 minutes.
For the Republic (1988)
For alto-trombone, marimba and 2 channel tape. 8 minutes.
In the Shadow of Ancient Music (1988)
For oboe, 2 flutes, 2 percussion and piano (+percussion). 12 minutes.
Quartet: In Praise of Action (1986)
For string quartet. 10 minutes.
Miners (1985)
For four amplified, treated voices (SATB) and 4 channel tape. 5 minutes.
Walked Once and Now Does not Walk (1984)
For oboe, clarinet and bassoon. 5 minutes.

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