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Past activity
14th December - Peyps’ Pipe (digital animation with sound)
Produced with Andrew Greaves. Premiered at the Horse Hospital, London, UK.
12th September - Melbourne (Interactive gallery based Installation)
Produced with Martin Rieser, presented 12th September to 18th October at the RMIT Gallery, Australia in the exhibition HEAT: Art and Climate Change.

11th September - Multimedia and Live Performance (paper)
DRHA07 Conference, Dartington College of Arts, Totnes, Devon UK.
June - The Curious Listener (Interactive multimedia installation)
Presented in the Institute of Creative Technology (IOCT), De Montfort University, Leicester, UK.
April - Narcissus (digital animation with sound)
Produced with Andrew Greaves.

13th May - Pinning Down the Artists? (paper)
DMU Humanities Graduate research conference. Leicester, UK.
22nd June - For the Republic
John Kenny and Joby Burgess with Matt Fairclough
Corsham Festival, Hartham Church, Hartham, near Corsham, Wiltshire, UK.
23rd June - Rorrim
St. George's Town Hall, Cable Street, London UK.
30th September - Rorrim
All Ears Contemporary Music Festival. The Warehouse, London. UK.
7th October - Rorrim
NOT STILL ART digital art festival, New York, US.

28th June - funfur (Premiere)
The Horse Hospital, London, UK
24th September - WG
NOT STILL ART digital art festival, New York, US.
24th November - For the Republic
John Kenny and Joby Burgess with Matt Fairclough
The Warehouse, London, UK.
4th December - A Book of Maps
Trio SurPlus
University of Victoria, BC, Canada

24th and 25th May - eMerge
Jane Turner, Daniel Biro, Nick Rothwell
ICA, London, UK
29th June - Tunnel (Premiere)
The Aquarium Gallery , London, UK.
19th September - GRAVE
MusikFabrik/ James Wood
Klaus-von-Bismarck-Saal, Köln, Germany.
Autumn - A Book of Maps
Håkon Stene, asamisimasa
Cutting Edge series, London, UK.

29th June - Blind (Premiere)
Arcola Gallery, London.
16th July - 1st August - ani fil., “Searching...”, geoprobe, cross-fly, Strobe, WG, Blind
Cocktail, Deluxe Gallery, London UK.

20th January - Face
Ultraschall Festival, Berlin, Germany
23rd-25th January - FUGUE
BA Performing Arts students
Simmonds Theatre, Middlesex University, London UK.
13th February - “Searching...”, geoprobe, cross-fly, Strobe (Premiere)
StudioZero, London.
27th March - Face
Alte Feurwache, Köln, Germany
30th May - Face
Christoph Theiler
Literatur Schallmauer Festival, Buch im Beisl - Café Club International, Wien, Austria
1st July - "Searching...", WG (world premiere)
Kunst Museum, Dortmund, Germany
19th July - WG
The Media Centre, 131-151 Great Tichfield Street, London,UK
6th October - The Onset of Turbulence
Seth Josel
Montreal, Canada.

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