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You. Here. Now. (2013-)
Project description
You. Here. Now. is an interactive installation designed for gallery exhibition that explores ideas of temporal and locative contexts for ephemeral digital portraits. At the beginning of each day, the work trawls the websites of selected news organisations and downloads al the visual imagery it comes across. These images are then sampled to provide a large number of fragments, each of which reflects the preoccupations and priorities of the specific news gathering organisations, but which are (because of their size) prevented from functioning iconically; each is a fragment, which will usually suggest a larger context, but which will almost never present its references fully formed (the viewer may suspect what a particualr inage-fragment refers to, but will ususally be unsure). The fragments are each stored, together with their average colour value.

As the piece is examined, a portrait of the viewer gradually emerges from the background presentation of several hundred fragments (which are in a continuous state of flux). Through the currency of its materials and specificity of its location, it is a portrait which is necessarily a product of a specific time. It carries within its basic materials references to wider narratives of power and place from which both the work and the portrait have emerged. Future developments will add a wider range of dynamic contextualising influences drawn from social media trends and search term completions.

Exhibition history
You. Here. Now. was first shown at the Kinetica Art Fair, London in March 2013 and was then exhibited as part of the Illusion Festival in the Science Gallery, Dublin from July-September 2013. It has since toured around the world as part of the Illusions touring exhibition.
Equipment requirements
Large Monitor mounted in portrait format, Web Cam mounted immediately above the monitor, PC (Mac or Windows), Live Internet feed.

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