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Ways of Seeing (2015)
An installation which is a further development of my ongoing project which aims to to add a contextual dimension to digital art through the use of data harvesting. It is designed to make viewers aware of two contrasting aspects of digital (re)mediation. On the one hand, the ideological gaze, the filtered narratives of power, causation and interpretation that underlie the construction of meaning and on the other, the opportunities for provocation and dissent provided by the affordances of modern digital networked information systems.
You. Here. Now. (2013)
This interactive installation is part of an ongoing project which aims to to add a contextual dimension to digital art through the use of data harvesting (currently images, but I plan to broaden the range of spercifying factors). The goal is to replicate dynamically, familiar aspects of non-digital art practices which locate artefacts in specific places, times and social contexts.
Live Interactive Multimedia Performance Toolkit (2006-)
This is a major focus of my PhD research. It is basically a low-level dynamic connection system that passes cues to people or devices in a performance when significant events occur.
The director(s) or producer(s) decide what events should be 'significant' before the performance starts.
The Curious Listener (2007)
The Curious Listener is a system which automatically monitors the audio activity in an area and records anything interesting! When it has recorded something (speech, music, unusual noises etc.), it uploads the digital sound file to a remote server and stores information about the recording, such as when it was made and what sort of sound activity it contains.
eMerge (2004)
with Jane Turner, Daniel Biro and Nick Rothwell
Performance and Research Project
A large scale project using networked interactive multimedia technologies to investigate emergent behaviour within live performance. Performances at the ICA, London and in France. I was project manager for the IT component and was also responsible for the overall system and language architecture together with programming the interactive performer client.
Fugue (2002)
with Ruth Torr
Performance and Research Project
Interdisciplinary Performance at Middlesex University, working with students exploring interactive digital performance tools and techniques. I developed a set of interactive multimedia tools for use in performances and co-directed the whole project.

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